State Games Medal Winners

State Games Medal Winners
Jon, Caitlyn, Emily and Coach


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Friday, May 25, 2012

2012 SEASON OPENING - Saturday, June 2nd, Garden of the Gods; contact me for time. This season we have athletes training for Age-Group Nationals, August 18th, in Burlington Vermont Congratulations again to all 2011 Fine Line Racing teammates, who garnered NINE podium awards! Rattlesnake Triathlon video can be found on YouTube; channel 'triathlyn', or at Fine Line Racing:

Friday, August 19, 2011

Rattlesnake Triathlon Aug 20 & 21st; Aurora Rez

Watch for upcoming results from our final big Team race this weekend! Jon is racing Olympic Distance on Saturday; Caitlyn, Bert and Adam are racing Sprint, on Sunday. Coach's Awards will be presented after Awards. Congratulations to all our dedicated athletes, who achieved extraordinary results this year with FINE LINE RACING! They have garnered SIX Podium medals this year!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Emily, Jon and Caitlyn (father and daughter) a grab medals at State Games!

Emily, Caitlyn and Jon all capture 1st (Caitlyn), 2nd (Emily) and 3rd (Jon) at State games!

Recov Ride downtown then North to GOG by triathlyn at Garmin Connect - Details

Recov Ride downtown then North to GOG by triathlyn at Garmin Connect - Details

Falon 25 mile ride

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Rocky Mountain State Games July 30, 2011

Yesterday was a very exciting day for our Team! All members had trained with the goal of podium and executed fantastic results!!

The Swim, unfortunately, had some timing glitches, so showed everyone's swim 3-4 minutes longer than their 'actual' swim. Everyone had swims of 16-18 minutes.

The Bike Course is heavily compromised, using 4 circuits within Memorial Park; it is impossible for a strong cyclist to really compete at their best, due to all the turns and dangerous angles. Still, a 'fair playing field' for all. One of our own, Adam Krebsbach, chose to compete at My Way the Tri Way up in Aurora, where he felt he could utilize his strongest event. That he did; he reports that no one was able to pass him on the bike, but several tried, as the Officials followed his 'group' throughout the bike leg!

Back at State Games, Emily cranked out sub 11 min laps, and Jon ripped up the bizarre turns, as the result of his mtn biking skills; I could not even catch him on my video cam; he was but a blur!! One turn included a hard right, then immediately, a hard left! We appreciate the fact those turns were carefully swept the night before, then again race morning. Even I swept; but not the course. I walked into the Women's Locker room, and found about 1,000 dead moths! The place hadn't been occupied in a year! It grossed me out; knowing the ladies would appreciate a clean bathroom, post-race, I found a push broom and spent about 30 minutes sweeping! I also received Race Director permission to be IN the Transition Area, to body-mark.

The Run, at State Games, very unfortunately, lacked the number of monitors to ensure the proper direction on a hill that was inserted midway; one member of our Team, Caitlyn McWilliams, was chasing a competitor in her division, when suddenly the girl decided to cut the course. This put Caitlyn in as the Winner of her division! It is the athlete's RESPONSIBILITY to know the course; USAT Rules! Similar confusion was reported several times. Everyone's running, however, was compromised due to to our rained out Track Workouts over the last 4 weeks. Track makes the difference between 5th and 1st place!!

The fact that most of our Team had been traveling to Grant Ranch every Sunday, for open water swimming, made all the difference in the world! All good swim outcomes; without issue!

We had a fantastic outcome; the honors go to:

Caitlyn McWilliams - 1st place
Emily Bollar - 2nd place
Jon McWilliams - 3rd place
Bert Bledsoe and Dave Skiba - 4th place
Adam Krebsbach - 5th place

Congratulations everyone! Work well done!