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State Games Medal Winners
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Sunday, January 9, 2011

MircoSPIKES Snow Traks new Setup

After a few ascents up The Incline this year, I realized that my 'gear set up' was less than ideal. I had my usual Salomon running shoes, smart wool socks, Yak Tracks, and nylon running gaiters.
Though my feet never really got wet, per se; they did get cold. I felt there must be a better way, without having to replace the shoes I'm devoted to. I was in my "Candy Store" yesterday (those great guys can talk me into buying anything!!) hoping to avoid buying a GoreTex pair of running shoes; I love my shoes, they are perfectly adequate. The Goretex are a tad heavier. I opted for Seirus Stormsocks Lite; they are waterproof and I can keep my shoes!
Option # 3 - I have tried two different kinds of "Traks"; the Yak Trak Sport, and the cheapies they sell, two for one ($ 13.00), at Costco. With the Yak Traks, I always had a hard time stretching the bands onto my shoes (arthritis in fingers), especially if it was at the base of Ute Pass Trail. Not only were my fingers stressed to stretch them, but the cold exacerbated it. Always difficult for me! I then tried the cheapies, which were very easy, too easy, to get on.
I just tried the 'cheapies' last week; while they stayed on throughout both The Incline and the run down Barr Trail, they practically fell off when I went to remove them. I think I just got VERY lucky!!
We then moved on to the "Traks". I was under the impression that the pink Microspikes were very heavy, thought they were 'overkill, much less very difficult to put on. Since the elastic bands are wider than the other "Traks", I didn't give them a 2nd thought. At their urging, I sat down and tried them on! They are FANTASTIC! They are VERY easy to get on, and provide an absolute guarantee there will be no slipping and sliding.
And one last change; I finally found a pair of fitted gaiters in my size; the 'ski guy' even made me a little tube to fit over each string to preserve the life of the under-shoe string.
Be safe on those wonderful mountains we have!! Lynne

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